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According to a new survey, the results of which were published yesterday on the BBC, Brits consider hot tubs to be the most desirable status symbol of 2012, closely followed by walk in wardrobes. Is it really a surprise that residents in the UK chose hot tubs and walk in wardrobes as their favourites? I, for one, consider them to be typical British choices.  As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle and both of these ‘symbols’ constitute enhancements to our properties.

Furthermore, the good old British weather has had an impact. On a chilly, overcast day what else could make us feel as glamorous and pampered as basking in a warm bubbly hot tub sipping a glass of fizz in the comfort of our own back garden? Luckily, hot tubs are a lot less expensive and require a lot less garden space than their closes rival, the swimming pool!

As for walk in wardrobes, as us girls know, there are few weekend pass times as enjoyable as clothes shopping. When its cold and grey the allure of a warm, welcoming, well-lit shopping mall draws millions of us in each weekend and the mortal highs felt when bagging a new dress, bag, shoes, or top can rarely be beaten. What better way to store (or rather ‘display’) all those perfect purchases than a wardrobe with space to twirl!

Ultimately the key to understanding the nation’s desired status symbols is their achievability.  You don’t need a mansion, acres of space or millions in the bank to have either of these ‘symbols’. With some serious saving they are affordable luxuries that make us feel special, and of course make our friends green with envy – so enjoy!

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  1. avatar Robert Forsythe says:

    We bought a normal 3b/room in Spain in 2003 and we have a walkin wardrobe which is common here WHY? because they don’t build matchbox houses at£250,000, RIP OFF BRITAIN