Strike Property Gold – The Great British Move

So, at the time of writing we have 22 Gold medals and we sit 3rd in the league table.  There is no denying that the achievements of the UK team should be celebrated with great applaud, but am in the only one that is beginning to loose focus on the games?

If your friends and family are anything like mine,  they will be eating and sleeping the events. Cycling, swimming, athletics… the list goes on and along with them I have enjoyed the drama of the successes, and the bittersweet high and lows of the ‘oh so close’, ‘pipped at the post’ scenarios too. However, can the glory ever wear thin?

With the close of the able bodied games around the corner is now the time to re-gain focus on our every day lives, and return our attention to things that we have been putting off for the last couple of weeks?

For those among us that are thinking of moving house, the games may have been a convenient excuse to put property matters on hold.  Rightly or wrongly those with a desire or need to sell their property may have simply assumed that would-be buyers are thin on the ground, more intent on sizing up Bradley or Bolt than bedrooms and bathrooms! That may well have been true but with the first part of the games drawing to a close, potential buyers that had put their search on hold will begin to reappear and it is vital that sellers are well prepared for the traditional uplift in activity that annually occurs in September.

The Great British Move is an ideal way to take advantage of this renewed interest. Taking place over the course of one weekend on 15th & 16th September, the event is an opportunity not to be missed.  Vendors who include their property will receive unrivalled online and offline promotion for their sales property and will enjoy many viewings in the space of one weekend. They will also be eligible for £100 discount on their conveyancing fees.

If you want to take advantage of the post games property rush contact your local agent today.