Styling your home to rent

For many, it’s the time of year when contracts run out and new tenants are looking to move in – from students to young professionals, make sure you save money and rent your house quickly by using some simple styling tips and decorating ideas in this months style tip.

Treat Below your feet

Flooring in a rental property is incredibly important and there’s a number of ways you can add value and style without a huge price tag. Beige carpets – light carpets can make a room look bigger and brighter when they’re clean but beware, you run the risk of stains even with the most careful of tenants.

Wooden floors, tiles and vinyl flooring are durable and easy to clean – young professionals and students often prefer this look although some families prefer the comfort of carpet to hard wood floors.

Patterned carpets are forgiving and hide stains well but remember funky stripes may not be to everyone’s taste.

First Impressions Count

Many landlords forget that the exterior of a property is almost as important as the interior – many people make instant judgements based on the outside look of a home. Here are some easy pointers to make sure they don’t turn around and drive away…

  • Make sure your house number and/or house name is visible (If they can’t find it, they can’t rent it!)
  • Re-paint and touch up external paintwork. Make sure brickwork is clean and free of debris.
  • Ensure guttering is clean, clear and in working order.
  • Keep outside areas clear and make sure gardens are under control (if you can, leave out a BBQ to appeal to the idealistic nature of tenants for summer months).
  • Fit exterior lighting at the front and back of the property – added security for you and your tenant.

Clean and Cook

It’s a proven fact that bathrooms and kitchens are key to whether a tenant decides to rent your property. You don’t need to spend a fortune – rather try looking for end of line kitchen cabinets to get the best price and pick up a simple bathroom suite for next to nothing.


Paint is preferable to wallpaper because it is easier to maintain.

  • Use durable high quality acrylic paint, which will withstand wear and tear (pushchairs, bikes, shoe scuffs and furniture will undoubtedly knock the walls).
  • Use light, neutral colours such as magnolia for the walls, white for ceilings and white gloss for woodwork. Think blank canvas in which tenants can imagine their belongings!
  • Mould and water resistant paint is a must for bathroom and kitchen walls. Condensation can wreak havoc if the wrong paint is used.
  • Make a note of the name and brand of paint you have used for when you need to do touch up work or redecoration.

Practical vs Personal

Today’s renters are a discerning bunch – don’t let your personal taste affect the décor of your property, whilst Elvis themed rooms or shockingly bright colour schemes may feature high on the agenda of your own home, try to appeal to the mass market with clean lines, neutral colours and bright, clean spaces.

Let there be light

Nothing sells a home to a potential buyer more than an airy, bright living space – if you’re lucky enough to have huge windows which allow sunshine to stream in that’s great – but if your rooms need a little added luminosity try painting walls white, choosing a light coloured carpet and fit a high voltage energy saving light fitting. You can even strategically place mirrors to maximise the light in your property and to make rooms appear larger.

You may also want to think about whom you’re targeting to rent your house. Remember students will need a desk, bed and storage space whereas those who have previously rented or owned may want to bring all their own furniture.