Sustainable homes set to hold value

At present the sustainability of property isn’t considered to have a bearing on its worth, however a report out this week from Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys claims that strong sustainability features should have a positive impact on a home’s value.  This indicates that, over time, sustainable properties could appreciate more in value than their non sustainable counterparts.  So what exactly is a sustainable property?

The sustainability of a home takes into account more than energy efficiency, it considers building design, construction, management and use.

Typical features include; using renewable energy in the construction and running of the property, use of environmental sustainable construction materials, water and waste efficiency, recycling, access to public transport and cycle paths, positive land use and community relations, occupant well-being and the building’s scope for adaptation.

Take a look at our selection of sustainable homes currently available for sale on Propertywide

  This 3 bed property in Bournemouth is situated on a development that was constructed with high thermal efficiency timber and scores 15 points on a pre-assessment under Buildings for Life scheme. Local materials have been sourced where ever possible and inspiration taken from the Green Guide to Buildings.
  This bungalow in Norfolk is designed for low running costs under The Code for Sustainable Homes level 2. Features include solar panels for natural heating.
  This new build contemporary 1 bed apartment based above artists’ studios is developed to the highest standards of thermal efficiency, with solar hearted hot water, district heating systems and communal composting and waste recycling facilities.
  If you need a helping hand to get on the property ladder this 3 bed property in Stockport is offered as 50% share option.  The property is finished to The Code for Sustainable Homes level 3, which will mean substantially reduced running costs.
  Lastly, if you fancy building the ultimate sustainable home yourself, this plot of land comes with planning permission to construct a new substantial country house of the highest standard incorporating the latest technological and sustainable features.

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3 Responses to Sustainable homes set to hold value

  1. avatar Mr X says:

    Are you suggesting that houses that have low or no sustainability are potentially going to lose value, rather than, modern or new build houses as mentioned in your intersting article.

    • avatar Nicola Severn says:

      We are not suggesting that non sustainable homes will lose value, rather that they may not gain as much value as those that are deamed ‘sustainable’.

  2. The government is obviously pushing ahead strongly with promotion of sustainable housing. However what is often forgotten is the environmental costs of maintaining poorly sustainable exisintg stock. With millions of existing houses wasting energy at the rate of 2.5-5 times an equivalent new build, it makes sense to propertionally attack the problem. At Inheritedproperty we support the adjustment of capital gains tax on the sale of inherited property to account for energy efficiency.