Snakes and ladders; our housing journey

Oxford from above

First time buyers are front of the pack in the Government’s drive for home ownership, with much recent housing policy aimed at supporting their first purchase.

But once they become home owners their journey doesn’t end, even if the state support does. This week we will be looking at the journey home owners face moving on for a second, third, fourth and eventually last time and what their onward mobility means for the rest of the housing market.

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Second step buyers

CoinsMoney expert uSwitch are urging homeowners to plan ahead when preparing to purchase their next home due to variations in the value of different property types.

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MMR – A year on.

Mortgage ImageA new report from Experian has revealed that almost all the people who planned to buy a property last year since the introduction of the governments new affordability rules, have failed to do so.

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Mortgage rates continue to fall

percentage signRecord low interest rates have already been seen in two and five year fixed rate mortgage plans, but recent figures show that it is four year fixed rate plans that have seen the starkest drop – with Chelsea Building Society’s (CBS) latest offering coming with a rate of just 1.84%.

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