London rental growth stalls

July’s countrywide lettings index shows that rental growth slowed across every region of the country. London recorded the first annual drop in rents for six years, falling by 0.5 % over the past 12 months. . Rents in London 0.5% lower than in July 2015 . Stock surge sees the number of homes available to … Read more

Being a Landlord…

Rental PropertyBeing a landlord is much more than just finding a tenant and collecting the rent. The perfect lettings strategy can deliver returns far beyond your expectations.

What’s more, the right approach can also minimise issues, allowing you to enjoy your free time without worrying about your rental investment.

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Rental prices on the rise for one beds

rental 1 bedThe recent September issue of Landbays Rental Index has reported an annual rise in rental prices in the UK of 3.9% for one bedroom properties. The report suggests the reason for such growth is down to the huge increase in demand from graduates looking to live near their first job.



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