Tailgating is driving motorists mad

Tailgating tops the list as the worst driving habit in the UK, new research has shown.

A poll conducted by Admiral Insurers revealed Britain’s most annoying driving habits and the results show that tailgating is the most frustrating motoring trait of all.

The survey, commissioned by YouGov, of 2,500 drivers found that 79% of motorists said that tailgating was the most annoying habit of road users. Failing to indicate also infuriates drivers, and as 70% of people cited, it as the second most annoying habit.

Tailgating is a dangerous way of driving and could lead to accidents on the road if drivers fail to leave enough space to break between cars.

“Some motorists even think it’s acceptable to intimidate the driver in front by driving very close to them, which is totally unacceptable,” said, Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director. “Not indicating and cutting up can also prove dangerous for yourself and other drivers. And there could be other consequences, as if the police catch you, convictions for dangerous or careless driving can range from three penalty points on your licence to two years in jail.”

Driving etiquette is diminishing on UK roads generally as the research found that 62% of motorists believe that road users are less courteous than five years ago. A further 69% said they get particularly irritated by the lack of courtesy from other drivers.

Dangerous driving could lead to accidents which could damage your ‘no claims’ discount. This will subsequently increase your car insurance. However, it is possible to protect your ‘no claims’ bonus should you be involved in an accident. Research By Defaqto found that drivers believe that the protection against uninsured drivers is one of the most important parts of any policy.
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1 thought on “Tailgating is driving motorists mad

  1. Quite frankly, the most annoying thing about drivers today are the ones who insist on driving in the middle lane below the speed limit for the road they are on when the inside lane they should be occupying is empty for a considerable distance in either direction, or who join from a slip road and immediately take up that position from the get go; either they have never been taught how to properly use roads with multiple lanes or they are just plain ignorant, selfish and moronic, uncaring of their road hogging habits. Please don’t do it – forcing other motorists to cross two or more lanes to go around you correctly could cause unnecessary accidents due to other motorists speeding along the outside lanes.

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