Take the headache out of Inheritance Tax and save £1000s

logoIt’s a difficult time when a loved one dies. Besides the emotional grief, added strain of organising a funeral, closing accounts and getting the deceased’s affairs in order, there is also a legal requirement for the executor to calculate the inheritance tax due on any assets left in a will. Many will choose to employ a solicitor to do this, but there is a cheaper alternative.

The Inheritance Guide is a brand new online concept designed to help individuals acting as executors. It will help them to calculate inheritance tax, complete the relevant paperwork and apply for probate, all without the need to employ a solicitor.

Inheritance tax is payable on any assets owned by the deceased exceeding the £325,000 threshold (single person threshold). Charged at 40%, this is a sizeable amount of money and it isn’t the only cost. Many individuals will employ the services of a solicitor to administer the estate and apply for probate, but this isn’t cheap. For someone leaving an estate worth £500,00 (quite possible considering today’s rising property values), the solicitor fees could reach £20,000 or more! So what if there were a simple way to complete the process for free?

The Inheritance Guide.com offers a free service with helpful tips and support, where you control the process and all forms are automatically completed for you.

Executors simply enter their details and those of the deceased (including their assets and liabilities) and any beneficiaries.  The system will then calculate and populate the forms needed for the Grant of Probate. Once Grant of Probate is received, the system will help manage the disbursements and suggest appropriate advisory services.

The service is simple to use and boasts a suite of FAQs, articles, guides and useful links. It also suggests a number of  professional services that are vital in assessing the value of an estate. For example, it is essential that any properties within a deceased’s estate are valued correctly, The Inheritance Tax Guide.com service will recommend established estate agents who provide free property valuations, enabling the application for probate to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Take a look at theinheritancetaxguide.com today.

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