Techno homes

Homes are getting smarter. Not just more eco-friendly, but more intuitive, responsive and forward thinking. Like a work of science fiction, you can now purchase property that allows you to control temperature, windows, lights, and even your oven, not just from a computerised main system within the home, but from your iPad too.

The use of technology at home is becoming a seamless addition to our daily lives, and is set to become more prominent. More homes are being built with solar panelling and other environmentally savvy equipment, making us reliant on cutting edge tools to save us money and heat our property, as well as for day to day living and entertainment purposes.

Kitting your house out with state of the art gadgets comes at a price – new inventions and energy saving gizmos aren’t cheap, so be prepared to fork out for the latest crazes. It’s also worth checking your household contents insurance if you do invest in technology, just to check that everything is covered.