The cost of country living

The advantages of living in the countryside have long tempted city dwellers to quit the concrete jungle for the rural ideal, but does the good life come at a premium?

Larger homes, lower crime rates, more land and easy access to the great outdoors have lured many of those seeking the good life to give up their urban homes and head for the country. However, a recent study has revealed that inflation in rural areas ran at twice the rate as in towns and cities over the past year.

It showed that the price of food, fuel and other essentials was considerably more in the countryside.

The extra expense makes rural living £2,000 a year more expensive than living in the city.

According to the research, year-on-year ‘rural inflation’ averaged 7.7 per cent over 12 months compared with the national average 4.3 per cent for the same period.

The figures were compiled by insurer NFU Mutual using a basket of 21 items used more regularly by those in the countryside, such as oil, fuel, pet food and tools.

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