The Future of our Homes

future-houseAfter reading some articles this week, and looking at the new technology that is next on the horizon, I felt inspired to look at what the future holds for our homes. After all technology is evolving at a rapid rate, just when you think you have the latest gadget the next version has hit the shelves.

Thanks to smart phones and smart TV’s, we are connected to our devices in ways that we never thought was possible just a few decades ago.

As our technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it is amazing to see how much of it will be applied into the homes of tomorrow. From voice activated lights, to self-flushing toilets, these will be the very minimum features of new homes by 2025.

A recent study has shown that two out of five Brits believe, that one of the many technological advances to hit our homes within the next 10 years, will be security systems with facial recognition. 44% of people surveyed think voice activated lighting will also be common place, 19% also believe that we will even be able to talk to our cookers!

One in five people surveyed believe that our kitchens will become fully interactive, our kitchen surfaces will become ‘smart surfaces’ each one an interactive touchscreen that can tell what it is you are cooking and how you should cook it, recipe ideas and tips will be there for us to use whenever we need them.

When all participants were asked about what technological advances they would like to see in their homes right now, over a third said they want the ability to control their homes through their smartphones.

The number of Apps available to do this is increasing drastically, with 10% of Brits already controlling things like their TV and heating through their phones.

As our homes become ‘smarter’ and more integrated with the world, the question arises as to what impact this will have when it comes to insuring your home and its contents. Will a facial recognition system make a home more secure than a standard deadlock? Another question is, if our homes are controlled by Wi-Fi technology, what happens if our networks are hacked?

Another consideration is the cost that is involved when new technology comes out, the value of our personal belongings will sky rocket. We are more technology savvy than ever, but this does come at a price! When buying new gadgets it is vital to check that they are covered on your insurance policy, if you don’t have a policy then maybe you should think about the costs of losing or breaking a bit of your kit compared to a low monthly cost that will cover your valuables, for more information you can visit our Property Insurance page.

The main thing to remember is that if you are renovating or upgrading your homes or purchasing new items, you must adjust your policy to ensure that you are covered.




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