The Growing Trend of Unusual Homes

2012 was a weird and wonderful year in terms of design, creativity and construction. There have been some impressive winners of the What House? 2012 awards and some that are just downright insane! With house prices soaring, many people look at ways of cutting down the costs of buying or building their own house. This is one of the main reasons we have seen some pretty unusual home designs in the past year or so. Let’s take a look at this growing trend; the good, the bad and the ugly!

The Good…

There has been an increase in steel buildings this year, as more people realise the flexibility, affordability and sturdiness. This could be because we are all secretly preparing for the ‘End of the World’ and want something strong to keep us safe, or it could simply be due to the ease of having a ready-made steel building planted on your piece of land. This trend can be seen all across the World, including in Alaska where they have started building them as if the World’s steel supply is running out. Steel structures are also being used a lot more frequently as opposed to wood, which gives homes a ‘greener’ feel. Save the trees!

The Bad…

For some reason, motor homes are becoming two a penny in the UK and across the World. Perhaps it’s the cost of living that has driven people out of their homes and into a vehicle, or perhaps too many people have been watching ‘Breaking Bad’. Although a motor home can make great temporary accommodation, they are not something that should be considered full time. A lot of people use them while their house is being built or renovated, but living in one 24/7 can make even the sanest of people go crazy. There simply isn’t enough space to live in a moving house, even if you buy the best motor home on the market. Plus, some of these vehicles can be more expensive than buying a house anyway!

The Ugly…

There have been some real contenders this year for ugly design, some of which were featured in the What House? 2012 awards (none of them won, thankfully). From multi-million pound ‘glass apartments’ to wooden pods that hang in trees. Nobody can afford a multi-million pound flat nowadays, unless they’re famous and even then famous people aren’t going to want somewhere made completely out of glass (paparazzi fear). As for the wooden pods hanging in trees, well… It’s all very nice if you live in the Brazilian rainforest, but it doesn’t have quite the same effect in the UK. There is nothing wrong with being environmentally friendly when it comes to the design of your house, but there has to be a line somewhere.

There we have it, the good, the bad and the ugly of unusual homes in 2012. We can expect an increase in people using steel in their homes for the next few years, at least, due to its affordability and flexibility. As for motor homes and hanging tree pods, well, let us just see what 2013 brings!

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