Tonight’s episode of ‘Location’ brings energy into the limelight

With Channel 4’s ‘baby night’ behind us, it’s time to look forward to Thursday evening’s property overdose. Tonight’s Location, Location, Location sees house hunting duo, Kirstie and Phil, trawl the streets of Windsor and Maidenhead with energy efficiency in mind.

Among tonight’s house hunters are Nicki and Damien. Whilst Nicki is mainly concerned with the number of bedrooms a property has, Damien is looking at the bigger picture and wants to find somewhere with a watermill and solar panels.
Like Damien, many house hunters are thinking of energy efficiency when looking for a new home. Around 45,000 homes in the UK now have solar panels installed and with an on-going focus on the environment and sustainable energy, this number is set to increase. But it’s not only solar panels that can impact a property’s energy efficiency, if you are thinking of buying a new home it is now a legal requirement for the vendor to provide you with an EPC (energy performance certificate). An EPC provides a rating from A to G indicating the home’s energy performance – A is very efficient and G is very inefficient.
The EPC shows two ratings; the energy efficiency rating which indicates the property’s running costs, and the environmental rating which displays how much carbon dioxide the property releases.
An EPC also includes; a report indicating the estimated costs for lighting, heating and hot water, a summary of parts which have an impact on the performance rating and a recommendations report detailing measures to improve the property’s efficiency.
Where available, Propertywide now includes an EPC along with all online property descriptions so that buyers are able to get an idea of a properties current and potential energy performance before they even make an appointment to view.

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