Top 4 Most Value Adding Home Improvement Projects

While you may not be remodelling your home mainly to increase its value, you have to admit that it would not hurt if that were to happen. Too many people however miss the mark when it comes to this. They have the misguided notion that every home improvement project automatically translates to an increase in home value; this is simply not true.No amount of renovation can make a house in a bad neighbourhood get the same asking price as that in a better neighbourhood for example, and some home improvement projects just wind up making your home stick out like a sore thumb in your neighbourhood, something that will most likely chase potential buyers away.

When it comes to home renovation for improved home value, there are some simple basics that the home owner should keep in mind. These basics are outlined as follows:

  1. Repairs

So many home owners have misplaced priorities when it comes to home improvement. They want their living rooms to look just like the one they saw in a particular magazine, without considering the fact that there are extensive repairs that need to be carried out.

A house with peeling paint, a leaking roof and piping that creates a horrifying noise will not get a good price – even if you have a brand new swimming pool installed.

Get back to the basics before you launch out on your grand ideas. Do a thorough inspection of the house, noting all the things that need repair. If you have not been maintaining the house properly, you might discover that repairs might in themselves become a grand home improvement project, which will not only make your home fetch a better price but will also make it more comfortable for you in the mean time.

  1. Extra room

If you can get the approval for it, creating an extra bedroom is sure to increase your house’s value. Not only that, it also opens you up to a wider range of potential buyers as there are many families that require a specific number of bedrooms in their homes and cannot do with any less.

Creating a new bedroom is actually one of the simplest renovation jobs. All you need to do is to determine whether you have any room in your house that is big enough to be divided into two. Have your contractor carry out the needed measurements for you. After that if it turns out that the space is enough, simply put up a partitioning wall between the two rooms.

Of course you will have to introduce extra features such as a door, window and a closet for it to really qualify as a bedroom but if you can pull it off, and this is one project that is guaranteed to bring you maximum return on investment.

  1. Waterproofing

Water damage in a house can lead to serious consequences. These range from pesky mold that can have serious health implications on younger children and people with breathing problems to the fact that water damage in the foundation of the house can eventually make it unstable.

No potential home buyer will want to buy a home that is at risk of this. Making your home water proof will go a long way in reassuring them. This can be done in a number of ways from coating your roof and the surfaces in your basement with a waterproof material to introducing ventilation in the attic and basement to reduce the risk of condensation in these tiny spaces.

  1. Insulation

Up to 75% of every home’s energy requirements can be attributed to heating and cooling the house to make it habitable in extreme weather. While these needs will always be there, the amount of energy needed can be greatly reduced by properly insulating the house. This will reduce heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, effectively reducing your heating and cooling requirements.

A home with a properly insulated attic (this is one of the major problem spots) for example, will fetch a much higher price in the market. Seal your home properly and you are sure to reap gains from it. You will sell your house at a much better price when you do decide to sell and in the meanwhile will enjoy major savings in your energy bill. Just a small tip, by installing blinds, you can aid insulation at a pretty affordable cost!


The guest author, Matt M, is an interior designer and home improvement blogger. He recommends the venetian range from blinds supermarket.