Top tips to make moving home simpler

Moving-out-boxesEverything is nearly complete and your moving date is in sight, after frantically packing up your belongings, sorting out your final bills and booking removal men is there anything else that you haven’t thought of?

We have collated a little guide of last minute questions, moving tips and ways that you can start to save money on your household bills as soon as you move in.

Re-direct your post; if you are moving out of the area and you aren’t sure who is moving into your property, use the Royal Mails Postal Redirection Service. This will ensure any important mail reaches you.

Compile a list of questions to ask the previous occupants, such as;

1. Where are the gas and electric meters?

2. Where is the main stopcock?

3. Do they have any manuals or warranty documents for electrical items?

4. Where is the thermostat?

5. What day are the bins/recycling collected?

6. Who supplies the electricity, gas and phone line?

Moving Day!

Moving is one of the most stressful things that we can do. But planning and preparation can make sure you aren’t tearing your hair out on the day or rushing around for no reason.

1. Label all your boxes with the room in which they belong and put a brief description of what’s inside in them.

2. Put screws and bolts from furniture in little sandwich bags and attach them the relevant bit of furniture so they don’t get lost.

3. Protect the flooring by flattening out cardboard boxes and laying them down.

4. Move all your furniture in first otherwise you will find yourself shifting boxes from one space to another to make room.

5. Pack light bulbs! You don’t want to find yourself unpacking in the dark.

6. If you hired a removal company to do all the hard work for you, pack an overnight back with all your essentials in just in case things get held up or you don’t have time to unpack everything.

Switch your gas and electricity

Don’t stick with the old occupants suppliers any longer then you need to. They may have been on a standard tariff and you could save money but switching to a new one. Don’t forget to take your meter readings as soon as you move in, you don’t want to be billed for the previous occupant’s usage.

Register to vote

When you have settled in a bit don’t forget to register to vote at your new address. You don’t automatically get registered, each person at the address will need to register themselves. You can do this on the site.

Double check your council tax band

Nearly 400,000 homes in England and Scotland may be in the wrong band since the early 90’s. It may be worth checking out if you think your band is too high, to get a good idea see if your new neighbours in similar properties are in a lower band.

Lastly use this time to give yourself a full money make over!

By switching providers or cancelling services that you no longer require could save you hundreds of pounds annually, look out for the cheapest deals and don’t be afraid to haggle if you think there is a better offer to be made.





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