What to do with that spare room…

home improvementMost of us have one, and most of us are not sure what to do with it! A spare room, the smaller space in the house that is often used for ‘extra storage’. Having an extra room in the house is a really good way to boost the value of your home. Why waste space by dumping lots of clutter in it?

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or not, as a buyer would you be more impressed with a 3 bedroom house with a storage room, or a 3 bedroom house with a home office? This extra room will be a smaller one, but this shouldn’t matter. The extra¬†room can be utilised in many ways, a creative space where you can relax and do a hobby or exercise.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about that little space that is home to all your unwanted clutter, which one would you opt for?

Teenage games room – A lot of parents don’t allow their youngsters to have games consoles etc. in their bedrooms, so how about using this space to give them some privacy (and you) with their very own ‘den’. Make sure you install plenty of power outlets and extension cables so they plug in all their gadgets without any issues.

Plenty of shelving and storage for school books, games and movies, a large desk to make homework easier and more bearable. This is an idea that you and your teens can have lots of fun with, bright colours and funky furniture will really make it stand out.

A man cave – If you get fed up with your TV being ruled by the latest video game or action movie? Then this could be the answer for you! A mini retreat for the man in your life can really give your property an edge.

By installing a media unit hooked up to a ridiculously oversized TV, a sound system that will cause a minor earthquake is going to keep any man happy. Keep the room dark with blackout blinds to reduce the glare during all important gaming time, leather furniture and a mini fridge will complete the room nicely.

The home office – For those of us with a busy lifestyle, it is good to keep our work area separate from the areas that we like to relax in. Turn your spare room into a fully functioning work space with a few personal touches.

Make the space light and airy with adequate power outlets, use fitted bookcases to maximise on space and keep the clutter to a minimum.

A craft corner – homemade crafts are becoming more and more popular, people are getting their creative juices flowing, and many have found business success from a craft hobby that they love.

Set yourself up a work bench with storage for all your craft equipment, ample shelving to keep your bits and bobs nice and neat, then keep the area light and bright so you are able to see what you are creating.

Hopefully some of these ideas may get you thinking about what you could use your spare room for, there is plenty of inspiration out there, but it’s about choosing what works the best for you in your home.


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