Your friends will be well ‘Jel’!

You’ve got your lips glossed, lashes lacquered and hair extended. Your threads are looking hot and you’re feeling ‘reem’, you’re ready to embark on the ultimate house hunt – Essex style.

Our favourite air-heads from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ may be more interested in Botox and boob jobs than property purchases, but any self respecting glamour gal (or guy) will need the right accessories to compliment their look.  Perhaps a bright white Range Rover or a drop top Mercedes will do the trick?  But why stop there? Why not up the stakes and go for the ultimate image enhancer – a fabulous party pad that will leave your friends well jel and your enemies bitching behind their Bulgari handbags.

Which character are you?

As fans of the show and self confessed property addicts, we’ve done the hard work for you and hand picked out the perfect properties to compliment your ‘TOWIE’ alter ego.  Whether you’re a Kirk, an Amy or a Harry, Propertywide is the only way to find the perfect Essex pad.

Kirk and Mick

Both Kirk and his dad have big personalities so lots of space is a must.  This 5 bedroom detached house in Chigwell is the perfect self contained bachelor pad.  Boasting a heated swimming pool and set within 2.5 acres, residents can party to their hearts content without any complaints from the neighbours.  With a fully equipment gymnasium we’re sure Kirk would be keen to convince his dad to part with his cash to secure this property.

Amy and Harry

Amy and her cousin Harry love everything pretty and pink and this fabulous 2 bed apartment in Brentwood would be the perfect place. With a statement entrance and charming features, it’s the ideal place for them to spend long evenings gossiping and vajazzeling to their hearts content.

Mark and Lauren

Yes we know they already live in Mark’s modern apartment but it’s only a matter of time before Lauren moves Mark up the property ladder in anticipation of starting a tribe of mini Marks.  This detached property situated on the Goldings Manor Estate has a lot of front (just like Mark) and plenty of space to park the sports cars.  The 5 bedrooms provide plenty of space for a growing family and the master suite complete with dressing room is perfect for getting ‘glamed’ up for a night at the Sugar Hut.

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