Your House on Minecraft!

If you are familiar with the popular video game Minecraft, you could be in for a treat. A map featuring the UK, made entirely of Minecraft blocks has had an upgrade.

Minecraft MapThis new version uses 83 billion blocks, each one represents 25m of real world British soil. The new map is so detailed that people should be able to find their own house on it.

Ordnance Survey have said that they are putting an interactive map on its main website, people can use this to generate co-ordinates that will lead them to their home on the Minecraft version.

Joseph Braybrook, who created the map, said that the map has doubled in scale to make it more detailed. Mapping tools created by Ordnance Survey staff were used to give it a “more expansive appearance that is closer to real life”. This increase in scale now means that woods and forests have computer generated trees, rivers are visible and motorways, local roads and rail links are also all accurate.

The map will be free to download for people to play on, it’s believed to be the biggest Minecraft map made using real world geographic data.







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